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Jul 17
Steve Marr

Avoiding Car Problems

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Driving through Arizona during the summer, if you blow a tire or break down during a 112-degree day, you are in the middle of your own small disaster. Likewise a breakdown in January in Minnesota can lead to a disaster. We can minimize these emergencies by taking a little preventive action.

First, as simple as this seems, make sure you know how to change a tire, get the jack out, and know how to make the tire change. Waiting for a service truck in a very hot, or cold day is no fun.

Second, check the basics on your car. Incorrect tire pressure is the number one cause of a blowout, check the pressure frequently to insure the proper levels. Tire pressure tends to change as the season warm, or cool.

Third, when you have your oil changed you also can have the fluids checked, it’s a good idea to check these levels yourself in-between scheduled maintenance. One time I discover a low break fluid level, turned out I had a small leak in the system that if left unattended could have created an accident.   

I carry a car emergency kit, both a personal 48 hour backpack, plus some emergency tools. My set of jumper cables has allowed me to bless others by starting their car, and also bailed me out when my battery was dead.

From time to time check your break and tail lights to insure they are not burned out, better to correct yourself before a police officer pulls you over.

Train your kids to sane way, have them start the safety checks before they start driving. They will be motivated.   

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