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Mar 18
Mary Marr

Are you in "Exile"?

Posted by: Mary Marr



When we think of “exiles” we often are reminded of the Israelites who were exiled many times in biblical history.  Or, we may think of the thousands in Sudan who are being exiled for their faith along with Christians in Syria, Egypt, and many other places around the globe right now. While our forefathers may have been exiled for their faith from Great Britain at the founding of our nation, in the U.S. today we do not usually think of ourselves as having been exiled from one land to another. Yet in a sense, until we are with the Lord in our heavenly home Christians are all exiles in some foreign land. Are you in exile for God?


Scripture says: “Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” Jeremiah 29:7


For the Christian, no matter what earthly home God places us in, we are exiled from our heavenly home into that place for a reason - to share the Hope found only in Jesus Christ. Our earthly home may not be conducive to sharing our faith, much like Coptic Christians find themselves in a hostile environment in Egypt today. And, we do not choose the time or the place God wants to use us. But in a sense, as Christians we are all in bondage to God’s purpose regardless of what earthly home He places us in.  It may mean facing great hardship to be exiled for God.


As Christian persecution rises worldwide with an estimated 200,000 dying each year for their faith, we may be tempted to think – oh, we are safe in the U.S., this persecution will not come near us! But for those who are exiled into treachery in some countries, the tribulation has already come. Or, we may be tempted to think, well just let biblical prophecy play itself out, it does not matter if I take a stand because it will happen anyway. These two perspectives are not rooted in working and praying for the peace and prosperity of our own nation, state or city rather rooted in denial or fatalism, neither of which is biblical. It may mean coming out of denial and facing treachery or death itself to be exiled for God.



When much is given, much is required.  We may even feel inadequate to the task, but our human limitations are not what God asks. He asks us to seek the peace and prosperity of the city (nation or state), and realize He has carried us into exile within that place for His purposes - to pray, care and share Christ to the maximum until He returns. It may mean realigning our priorities to be exiled for God.


How are you being exiled for God? Are you actively praying, caring and sharing the Hope of Christ in the land God has called you into exile?


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