Thursday, October 01, 2020


Share your stories and ideas with the network as you respond to crisis and disaster.



 FEMA announced that wireless devices are rolling out a Wireless Emergency Alert system in many areas of the nation. They will be short messages, under 90 characters, and regardless of your location you will now be notified as 97% of wireless carriers are actively engaged with this program. Geographical alerts along with dangerous weather reports or other emergencies will be sent to wireless devices along with Amber alerts and Presidential alerts supported by DHS, FEMA, and the FCC.  If people do not want the alerts they may opt out and there is no cost involved. Most wireless devices, if not already available, will be capable of receiving these alerts by 2014. Cell phone companies expect to have the system in place by the end of this month.



 As a ReadyChristian becoming aware is the first step of preparedness and response, not only to protect yourself and your family, but also to assist others so that the Hope of Christ may be evident to those who are in crisis.



 CEN’s Alerts are not only to inform you of incidents but also to alert you to focused prayer prompts, which may save lives for all eternity. If you have not already done so, make sure you sign up to receive CEN Alerts to be aware, ready and there sharing the Hope found only in Jesus Christ with those in need.


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