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Jun 10
Steve Marr

After Oklahoma Tornadoes, Looters Show up

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Looting after a major disaster is common. Police and at times National Guard troops patrol streets in an effort to prevent such looting. In the past most looting occurred by locals looking for targets of opportunity. Now looters have come from as far as the East coast in an effort to steal.


In More OK, police reports indicate many arrests made. Two men were accused of taking copper wire, mostly from shut down utilities that could be sold at a good profit as scrap.


Appliances in damaged homes were another target of thief’s with several reports of looters being caught with a truck of trailer full of stolen items.  


After a storm, many are looking to salvage what they can. When looters appear they try to blend in and often during the confusion they may go undetected. This is one more problem for disaster victims to consider and if possible protect your belongings. The best defense against looting is to sort though your home as soon as possible to prevent this from happening to you.


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