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Nov 13
Steve Marr

Advance Notice For An Earthquake?

Posted by: Steve Marr

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One of the dangers of an earthquake is they strike without warning. One time I was in Mexico and in the middle of the night the earth shook. While the damage to the hotel was minimal,  I struggled to walk. My first reaction was to try to get out of the room. Fortunately, the quake stopped before I got very far. What could have been different if I had advanced warning? I could have stood under the door jam for extra protection, or ducked under the room desk for protection.  In the past, early warning systems were science fiction.


Today,  Early Warning Labs, a California start up company announced within three years they expect to release an early warning system.

The system a smartphone will provide an app along with an in-home in-home alarm system that will notify users moments before the earth shakes. In addition, the warning will tell you how intense of a quake to expect.     

Public services will use the heads up to shut off gas mains, open firehouse doors and perhaps shut down elevators.

The system is able to sense when the ground first starts to release energy, but before the shaking starts. The few seconds could mean the difference between life, and death in some instances.  

While the app is not available today, you can start preparing today by downloading the free Ready Christian training here:


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