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Aug 20
Steve Marr

Add Shoe Goo To Your Emergency Supplies

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Show Goo is a product originally designed to repair tennis shoes, especially the toes that wear during serving. The product will fill in holes in your tennis shoes and can even be applied as a water-proofing agent.


The glue works well to plug a hole in your show sole, or reattach a loose heal, both useful during an emergency. Use to fix a hole in boots or rubbers to keep water out.

In addition, Show Goo can be used to seal a hole in a backpack, protecting the contents from water, or from falling out.

In addition, you can use this to seal holes or small rips in a raincoat.

While the repairs may not look the best, they will be functional until you are able to buy a replacement. Consider adding to your emergency supplies.

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