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Aug 14
Steve Marr

A Novel Fire-starting Tool

Posted by: Steve Marr

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One of the dangers of getting lost in the woods is staying warm, even many warmer locations can get cold at night, especially if you aren’t dressed appropriately. Few of us carry matches, unless camping. What happens if you wonder off, and get lost for a day or two?


A company called Rattlerstrap has come out with a unique product, a shoelace that has a small flint built into the shoelace tip. This provides enough spark to start a fire when struck with a steel edge.

If you buy one, you will get 4 “spark” tips with each pair of laces. These are made in America and cost $13.95, well worth considering as a back up if you hike a bit. You can learn more and order here: http://bit.ly/1paGRZror watch a video: http://bit.ly/1sGmk1J



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