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Dec 11
Mike Marshall

A Call to Champion in Uncertain Times

Posted by: Mike Marshall

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Imagine if you were a coach of a softball team and your first game was next week.  Your first step would be to gather all your team members, right?  Let’s say all you did was gather the team members and then you said to your team, “we are having a game next week”, so be ready!  Do you think that this team would be ready for their first game?   Of course not, ……. in fact it’s just like my church softball team. 

Today there are over 200 million users on Facebook and more than half of them have created groups of people for a specific interest that they intend to influence. Pulling a list of players together is not enough.  God created the gift of leadership…given by God to use and instruct others.  As a champion we must not dictate or control but create a process for leading those we influence. 

" set apart for the gospel of God." Romans 1:1 

Being a champion often involves a level of uncertainty.  In fact I believe leaders will always be uncertain.  Look at Moses - He went here, then there, everywhere…He was a professional wonderer!  Do you think that Moses knew where he was going or knew at every moment what he needed to do?  His life was filled with uncertainty.  Sometimes we look for what we DON’T have, to fill our uncertainty.  Thus we get off our game and we forget our purpose.  Instead, we need to do things practically with what we have with regard to what we’ve been called.  ……It feels like God gets more done in the times of uncertainty and that there are more life lessons learned in the bad times………Uncertainty is the arena in which good leadership is identified. 

We are at an opportune point in our time to rise up as champions to prepare the church to be ready.  It doesn’t always involve having the right answers, but asking the right questions that we can develop and lead.  Don’t be afraid to acknowledge to those you lead that you might not have all the answers.   Tell them, “I don’t have all the answers right now, but I am sure that we can find a path to it”. 

In the most chaotic time in history … leaders have surfaced and made a difference.  Our calling is not only to be just holy men and women, but to be a champion in proclaiming the Gospel.  Oswald Chambers simple stated that “Personal holiness is an effect, not a cause.  We cannot just tell people to return to holiness, we must show them the path.   Scripture says, “set apart for the gospel of God."  If we are to prepare the church to be ready to share the hope that lies within it, then we must set an intentional pathway.   Your process must not be mimicked by programs, books or institutions, but a process that is distinct.

Decentralization will not work in the secular, it is the framework for believers, and it’s what sets us apart.   Decentralization allows God to directly reveal to us a unique plan according to His will.  So practically speaking…ask yourself this question…  What did God call me to do and what is the “only one of its kind” process for me to fulfill it?  

Start by doing half of your time championing someone else and the other half of your time developing what you have learned.  This 50/50 approach will help you champion those you influence and will establish a team that is sharing an indestructible gospel in uncertain times.  

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