Saturday, August 08, 2020


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Some of those still across our nation who are still cleaning up from the floods, the fires and the sand storms may not be too enthusiastic with snow this year. While the first snowfall is often a fun time, we know all too well that being unprepared to face the challenges that snow sometimes brings is not a wise course of action.

While I was living in the upper of the southern portion of Michigan years ago, I remember just going out for some groceries at 2 PM and not getting back home until midnight. While I had my trusty shovel, salt and even snow tires (those were allowed back then), I did not have other supplies in my car to keep me warm or to eat for several hours. It did not matter that I was pretty close to home; the fact was I was stuck in a ditch (no cell phones in those days!) This experience brought home first hand to me that you never leave the house, whether in a cold or warm climate without being prepared. Not only do the preparations help mentally and emotionally to withstand unforeseen circumstances, but the physical preparations are always helpful to others who may be facing the crisis along with you.