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Clip from a posted viral video showing the confrontaion at the Arab Festiva

DEARBORN, MI (ANS) -- An annual Arab Festival held last month over the Father’s Day Weekend (June 15–18, 2012), in Dearborn, Michigan, resulted in a verbal and physical confrontation between adult protestors who identified themselves as Christians and teenage protestors who identified themselves as Muslims.

Last Sunday, while visiting a church, a lady passed out during the announcement time. One person nearby thought she merely fainted, while another stood up and started waving to the Pastor to gain attention.

Every Sunday church ushers serve millions in hundreds of thousands of churches around the country.  Ushers help in seating folks, guiding people to the restrooms and answering visitor’s questions. Ushers are also a key part of maintaining church security and church safety, if given a little training.


Apr 16
Steve Marr

Lost Child Emergency Plans Are Important

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I was traveling several weeks ago and stopped into a Wal-Mart around 10:00 PM one evening to pick up something I needed.  Shortly after entering the store, there was an announcement a 3-year-old child was missing in the store. A complete description was broadcast with specific instructions to notify any Wal-Mart employee if you encountered the child.  


Church Security Conference and Training Seminar coming May 11-12, 2012 Hosted at Covenant Church, Carrollton, TX. , presented by The National Organization of Church Security & Safety Management (NOCSSM).  This 2012 National Conference is all about being “CALLED 2 DUTY” and how your church can be more effective in “Protecting God’s People”.  Join America’s leading experts in Church Security for the best training available to Security Directors, Church Business Administrator, Church Leaders and Facility Directors. An information-packed Conference, with proven strategies and techniques to improve your church’s security.  A different conference experience every year with the nations’ leading experts in Church Security.

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As Security officials ramp up their preparedness plans for the Super Bowl they find they are facing challenges on steroids from pickpockets to prostitution and from manhole cover explosions to bracing anything. Since this is the first Super Bowl in downtown Indianapolis the emergency operations plans are carefully reviewed for any threat to security. The Associated Press reported that the “Super Bowl poses a unique security challenge due to the volume of visitors, the 10-day length of festivities, and the square mile over which the associated events will take place.”


The Super Bowl reminds us once again as Christians that we also need to be ready. Our churches need to review their security operations plans. If they do not have one in place, CEN recommends they start ReadyChurch immediately to make provisions for response and continuity of ministries.