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Dec 07
Mary Marr

Lesson from Pearl Harbor – Be Ready!

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Today marks the 75th anniversary of the Japanese bombing of the U.S. Naval fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii December 7, 1941. Not unlike today when we are aware we live in perilous times, people are scurrying around preparing for Christmas, just as they were on that day when 2400 or more U.S. citizens perished without notice. Even though we know years later those in harm’s way had not been notified in time, some were ready, with or without notice.  

During the heat of battle as the infamous U.S.S. Arizona was sinking in the narrow harbor only one heavy cruise ship the Phoenix escaped out to sea. Why? Because the crew was ready! I know this because my uncle served on the U.S.S. Phoenix that day and told us stories of the incessant bombing, of fires everywhere, and of the young sailors who had to be tossed overboard in the hope of their surviving in the water. But he also told us how he and his crew were ready.  Despite being a peaceful Sunday, it seemed to others, they were on guard. They were prepared, and they acted decisively and swiftly to avoid disaster.


Aug 27
Steve Marr

Wildfire Smoke and Your Health

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As hundreds of wildfires burn throughout California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho smoke is creating poor health conditions for many.  We can take a few steps to minimize our health risk.

Smoke from the Chiwaukum Creek Fire hangs over the town of Leavenworth ...

Folks with with asthma, respiratory infection, diabetes, heart and lung disease or with a history of stroke should especially stay indoors. Pregnant women, infants and children should also stay indoors. If you start struggling to breath, get medical assistance immediately.

Aug 22
Steve Marr

Volunteering Before A Crisis

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Most people focus on personal, or family preparation to be ready in the event of an emergency.  The Christian Emergency Network encourages advance preparation not just for yourself, but to help others.  One step you should consider is volunteering in advance of an emergency to build a good networking group and learn key skills.

For example, if you volunteer as a firefighter you will learn how to keep firers under control, learn basic first aid and build relationships with others committed to helping others.

Aug 21
Steve Marr

Store Some Instant Milk

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An emergency can catch you flatfooted. Having a full pantry with extra supplies is wise. This gives you food to use for your family, and hopefully share with others during an emergency.

One key item to store is a few boxes of instant dry milk. The product has improved greatly since I use some during my camping trips in the past.

The dry milk can be easily mixed providing additional protein as a snack or part of a meal. A few boxes are not very expensive, and you can use in your cooking recopies to keep your stock rotated. One trick, if you add a dash of vanilla extract the flavor will improve.

Jun 25
Steve Marr

When The Dog Bites

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The famous song “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music contained the phrase “When the Dog Bites”. Unlike the words of the song, a dog bit can create a mini emergency for you.

The owner us responsible for any bits caused by their dog, so we have a responsibility to keep our pets under control.

Any dog bite can easily become infected. Wash out thoroughly and if possible have treated by a doctor. An infection can turn nasty, even from a small bite.

Forgiveness is the decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge.

Do you find it easy to ask God for forgiveness, but difficult to grant forgiveness to others?

In the Lord’s Prayer, God teaches us to ask for forgiveness of our debts (balance due) and to forgive those that are our debtors (balance owed). God’s Word commands us to forgive those that wrong us.  If we disobey this directive, it has serious emotional, physical and spiritual results for our lives.