Friday, July 10, 2020


Share your stories and ideas with the network as you respond to crisis and disaster.
Feb 09
John Rolfsmeyer

"The Call"

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  I heard the call to respond to crisis with food, water and the Gospel of Jesus Christ about a year and a half ago. Followed up by getting signed up as a volinteer pilot and recruter with the Civil Air Patrol in Madison, Wis.  This was a way to help others in crisis but is limited in sharing Christ. So I have signed up with The Rapid Responce Team, Billy Graham. So far the calls have been in the south and I have not traviled with them yet but look forward to it in the future. I also have trained with Crisis Responce International who is at this time responding to Haiti. It seems that getting a team together to respond to crisis in the upper midwest is worth looking into. John Rolfsmeyer 608-212-4702

Feb 09
Douglas Bush

Laughter should be part of any Emergency Plan

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A 72 Hour Emergency Kit is the most vital component in any emergency plan. This is the maximum amount of time it will take emergency personnel to come to your aid. So be aware and be ready.

Being prepared for possible emergencies increases confidence, knowledge and skill in children of all ages. Because emergencies can cause high stress and have a negative impact and effect on people's lives, especially children, it is important to take the necessary steps to prepare them for such situations. Also remember that children react to the emotions of those around them and can sense when there is fear, stress or anxiety. The best way to help a child in an emergency is to be prepared to deal with the situation yourself.

Having sold emergency planning software to families for over five years, there is one key ingredient which we all overlook: laughter.  Humor reduces stress and anxiety by releasing feel-good hormones in the brain, promoting positive thinking and emotion.  Children will be reassured and relaxed during the stress that is associated with an emergency if they can have the healthy outlet of laughter. Practice making tense situations lighter with laughter.

Feb 08
Steve Marr

Power Generators

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Many people ask when to buy a power back-up generator. My simple answer is, when a good generator is on sale. The massive east coast snow storm has knocked out power for hundreds of thousands, again demonstrating the need to be prepared, in advance.  

When storms strike threatening power, generators are quickly out of stock.  Don’t procrastinate, take action the next time you see a sale. Then your house will be prepared, and you can than step in and help others.    

Feb 06
Sherry Buresh

Flashback Thoughts

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Sitting here watching the weather channel (yes I REALLY do that!) sent my mind on a flashback over the past year+.  The weather has been soooo crazy.  We've responded to Ice Storms, Snow Storms, Wind Storms, Flash Flooding, Flooding, and Tornadoes.  That doesn't include disasters  we didn't respond to but know the huge impact they had on the communities. 

Moral of this thought:  BE PREPARED!!!!  We NEVER know....... :) 


Feb 06
Jon McHatton

Never leave your wingman!

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“Never leave your wingman!” When I heard those words spoken to Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun, I remember thinking, why was that so important? I soon found that the most crucial relationship and group dynamic is exemplified in a jet fighter squadron. The reality is that when you are traveling at mach speed, your action and reaction to your partner is a matter of life and death. We can draw many principles and examples from this scenario. The most meaningful to me is that leaving is dangerous and sometimes destructive to others.

However, leaving someone has also been made to be humorous. The song, “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” was one of the songs that recommended some suggestions of how to end a relationship. Movies, Television, Magazines, etc., have all revealed and portrayed the stories of failed marriages, relationships, and even the closing of corporations. Suffice to say, leaving affects all of us.

Feb 05
Steve Wyatt

Maybe you need a good, old-fashioned crisis!

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"You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water."

Believers who have expressed such sentiments and who have experienced the agonizing, almost lustful angst of eagerly longing after God - you know: There is no joy quite like the joy you feel whenever you drink from God's well.
Augustine maintained that connecting with God is "sweeter than all pleasure."
Spurgeon called it, "my greatest delight."
And remember how Luther put it?  "I wish to devote my you."
"Except when you don't...because sometimes you won't."
Like it or not, Seuss nailed it when he wrote: "Bang-ups and hang-ups can happen to you."  
And seasons will also happen when, whether you want it to be this way or not, you lack what the Apostle Paul said you should never lack.   
Remember how he urged us to "keep [our] spiritual fervor"? 2  
But the question  How do you keep your edge - spiritually speaking?  How do you stir up that holy discontent that keeps driving you to thirst after God?
You may wish you hadn't asked.
By far, the best way I know to re-ignite your spiritual passion is to have the bottom drop completely out of your life.
It's true:  There is nothing quite like a good financial downturn or a relational crisis or a well-timed visit to ICU to shake you out of your spiritual doldrums and kick-start you into a renewed {maybe completely reinvigorating} pursuit for God!
And that's why I don't worry about people who are currently going through some crisis.  I pray for them and try to do whatever I can to help sustain them.  But I DON'T worry about them.  

But when life is going WELL?  That's when I worry.  'Cause that's when our spiritual passions tend to wane.  When life is good, we lock our spiritual passions in cruise control.  We stick our pudgy thumbs under our suspenders and strut.   
But when life turns sour?  We hit our knees our again, we reach for the good Book again and we find ourselves in a passionate pursuit for God...again.
So...if you've been wishing your old-heart-for-God was still ticking like it used to?  Maybe that's what needs to happen.  Maybe you need a good, old-fashioned crisis!
That said, and since I highly doubt that you will choose that path as your way back, I offer for your review the following suggestions.  None of which are nearly as effective as some major life-interrupting crisis, but they certainly are less painful.