Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Share your stories and ideas with the network as you respond to crisis and disaster.
Jul 09
Steve Marr

Disaster Action Plan based on Repentance.

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Ahab was king of Israel and had sinned greatly. Elijah confounded him with words from the Lord, “Behold, I will bring disaster upon you, I will utterly burn you up…” (1 Kings 21:21). Later Ahab repented,   "Have you seen how Ahab has humbled himself before me? Because he has humbled himself before me, I will not bring the disaster in his days; but in his son’s days I will bring the disaster upon his house." (1 Kings 21:29).
We have all sinned, as individuals and as a nation. God’s word teaches us when we sin we create painful consequences, sooner or later.  A lesson from Ahab is the sooner we repent when our sin is apparent to us, the better. 

Jul 09
Linda Gross

Buckeye is a Chapter now!!!

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Hi All,

We are "launched" and moving forward as a CEN Chapter. Now we are making faster progress. This is getting exciting!

Some meetings are coming up soon. I will keep you posted.  

Stay tuned!

God bless!


Jul 08
Douglas Bush

Chicken Soup for Emergency Planning

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Each month I spend a considerable amount of time reading about emergency preparedness.  Of interest are new products, methodology, psychology, companies in the market place, etc.  I refer to it as my general knowledge. 

Many years ago, two university professors did an experiment on Group Intervention in Emergency Situations.  The purpose of the experiment was to determine what makes an individual or individuals in a group decide to intervene in assisting in an emergency situation.  The following are there observations.

Before an individual can decide to intervene in an emergency, he must take several preliminary steps:-

Jun 21
Daniel Williamson

Fire on Mt. Elden not Hardy Fire

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Sorry - the name of the wildfire on Mt. Elden is not the Hardy Fire - rather I believe it is called the Shultz Fire...

Jun 21
Daniel Williamson

Hardy Wildfire in Flagstaff

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As the fire on the mountain continues to burn, we are praying for the workers and the resources to be precise and accurate.  Local and State agencies along with Federal Resources have been doing an incredible job and have been able to control and extinguish two other fires that were threatening homes and other structures - Great Job!!  Apparently the Hardy Wildfire has jumped to the front side of Mt. Elden (source Flagstaff Fire).    Let's pray and be available!

Jun 20
Sandie Sangster

Flagstaff Arizona Hardy Wildfire

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A fire started behind Little America today ultimately named the Hardy Fire.  

The CEN Flagstaff Chapter that was recently formed will provide personal information from individuals involved. Up to date information regarding ways in which the  church community responded during this crisis as well as ways you can pray for and care for those most affected.

Once again we are reminded of the importance of being prepared at a moments notice to evacuate our homes.