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Aug 13
Mary Marr

Nehemiah's Emergency Plan and Response

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The Bible often refers to the need for Christians to be united, in one accord, laboring together with the Good News of the Gospel. In our day, we are blessed to have so many means of communication. Yet, sometimes we may feel we are on “communication overload” and may miss what others or even God Himself may be trying to communicate to us.

89% of all Volunteers helping survivors in crisis are faith-based according to FEMA Volunteer Liaison John Chavez. When volunteering to help survivors in crisis common reactions will occur according to esteemed colleague Dr. Mickey Stonier, professional emergency counselor, chaplain, and pastoral associate (Rock Church, San Diego.) In his booklet "Helping you Get Through.." Dr. Stonier explains there are often physical issues such as stomach problems, sweating, chest pains, or general weakness.

There may be psychological problems such as feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, powerlessness, sense of injustice, anger, depression, sadness, or guilt. Relational withdrawal is common or such responses as clinging to others, being demanding or fear of others. Too many thoughts at one time, distortion of time, flashbacks, thoughts of suicide and guilt about being a survivor are other signs often experienced by one who has faced trauma.

Volunteers who are helping survivors may see mood changes, periods of silence on the part of those they are ministering to as well as the most commonly expected bouts of crying, hysteria and sleep disturbance. Or sometimes people simply shut down and become passive to response.

Aug 10
Steve Marr

Facing Danger in the Church

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The recent capture of convicted killer Tracy Province following his attendance in a church service demonstrates the delicate balancing act we must take as Christians. We are instucted to "...be wise as serpents and inocent as doves" (Matthew 10:16).

On Sunday, August 8 Tracy was welcomed as a guest in church. He sang, with gusto, "Your Grace is Enough" and spoke with several members of the Meeteetse Church, in Wyoming.

A member recognized the wanted man and called police who later made the arrest. 

A bright blue sky, kids are playing with their friends in the backyard, your family dog is having another heated discussion with the neighbor’s cat, while Mom and Dad are relaxing and having a chat with a glass of ice tea in hand.  Yes, back to normal for some. 

Is this how you want to recover from an emergency situation?  If so, then there are two sides to this equation: the physical and just as important, the mental preparation.

There is enough literature available today which talks about the physical preparation.  And yes, it is important to put in place those measures necessary to protect your family and the assets that you own.   However, what about one’s mental preparation?  Emotional disaster preparedness could be the missing component in any emergency plan. Agree?

Aug 05
edward smith

"Netweaving" Goes Beyond "Networking"

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There are concepts that just seem to work and are timeless in our society. With all things and talents being equal an individual player never defeats the five defenders over the long haul of a basketball game- the strength of the group overcomes the talent of the one. Benjamin Franklin snapped a single arrow easily, but when collecting 13 arrows (representing the rebelling 13 colonies) and uniting them into one chord, the arrows bent slightly but could not be broken.
Networking is a popular term of entities, people groups, work groups, companies or organizations working together to "bring their resources together to promote their message, agenda or product". Sounds great and for the most part works fine. But often times there can be hidden agendas or different "end game" strategies or unbalanced contributions that can make the "net working" a lot of hard work!
I learned a term from a Christian brother years ago called "Netweaving" where under Christ the goal is to work in unity, weaving strengths and weakness, talents and resources under one seamless trapestry with a common goal, purpose and belief.
Christ was watching Peter fishing one day. There were two boats out together- probably telling each other where the best location might be to bring there boats in to cast nets to catch the most fish. (They were networking)
They were not getting anywhere, no fish to show for all the hard work and toil they did throughout the night. Jesus felt their short-term "pain" and told them exactly where to go into the deep water and where to cast their nets. To their amazement they caught so much fish that they began to sink and signalled more of their partners to come over and work with them. They also took on so much fish that they also began to sink!
How seamlessly they all seemed to be catching fish into their nets, directed in their catch and work personally by Christ.
And in the end Peter realized he was a great sinner in the presence of Christ and wanted Christ to stand away from his sinful body. And they beached their boats and walked away from their previous lives when Christ said- "From now on I will make you fishers of men!"
We need to netweave the kingdom assets of God together. We need to let him direct our path and show us where to cast our nets. We need to realize that time on earth is short and we do not have time for individual agenda's or purposes other than what God has assigned us to do.
So, let us netweave and cast our nets together until so much is caught that our boat begins to sink!

Aug 04
Mike Marshall

Passwords and Cyber Security

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Have you ever created account with your username and password and then returned to the site a year later and completely forgotten your login details?  Take a moment and create a secure password filing system.  This will insure that you use appropriate password techniques as you log into different websites possibly making yourself vulnerable to criminals.  Never use the same password for your email or computer account as you would for a shopping cart sites or subscription services.  The easiest way for someone to hack your system is to use your password.  Here are some of the most common passwords used and should never be used as your password…