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Jun 25
Steve Marr

When The Dog Bites

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The famous song “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music contained the phrase “When the Dog Bites”. Unlike the words of the song, a dog bit can create a mini emergency for you.

The owner us responsible for any bits caused by their dog, so we have a responsibility to keep our pets under control.

Any dog bite can easily become infected. Wash out thoroughly and if possible have treated by a doctor. An infection can turn nasty, even from a small bite.

Forgiveness is the decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge.

Do you find it easy to ask God for forgiveness, but difficult to grant forgiveness to others?

In the Lord’s Prayer, God teaches us to ask for forgiveness of our debts (balance due) and to forgive those that are our debtors (balance owed). God’s Word commands us to forgive those that wrong us.  If we disobey this directive, it has serious emotional, physical and spiritual results for our lives. 

Feb 18
Shirley Goodman

How do I handle my guilt?

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As you consider guilt, remember King David in the Old Testament.   David's sins included adultery, lying, and murder. God forgave him for these sins because David had a truly repentant heart. God forgives any sinner with a truly repentant heart. Isaiah says," Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow (1:8)."

Many Christians struggle with false guilt. The best way to overcome false guilt is to understand it for what it really is. The more you grow to understand the grace of God, the more you will see that Christ followers have no right to condemn themselves. When you condemn yourself, you are trying to do God's job.

 Here are three practical steps to handling guilt as recommended by Minirth Meier New Life Family Resource.

Guilt immobilizes and defeats many people. It paralyzes others with toxic messages of unworthiness and blame. In addition, guilt pressures and drives other people to overcompensate or overachieve. All of these reactions are a futile effort to prove that their 'guilt message’ tapes--which play and replay in their minds--are not true.

Guilt is something that affects each person differently. For most people the 'guilt message’ tapes take root when we are young children.

Why do many Christians have so much trouble with guilt?

Dec 21
Steve Marr

Have Fire Extinguishers Ready

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Every year more then 350,000 homes in the U.S. art hit by fire, and every day 7 people die from home fires. We may be captivated with news reports of a large wildfire engulfing homes, the more likely occurrence is a fire starts in a home.


Having fire extinguishers ready is one step that can stop some firers from getting out of control. Place them around your home where they can be seen.

Nov 19
Steve Marr

Frozen Pipes

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As the second Polar Vortex strikes large parts of the nation this season, pipes can, and will freeze. Every year 50 million homes will experience frozen pipes. A broken pipe can create a major flood in your house, creating an emergency situation for you, and your family.


If your water stops flowing, and you suspect a pipe is frozen consider taking a few steps to work through they problem.