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Sep 07
Mary Marr

80+Churches Unite to Help 1,000 Homeless in 24 Hours

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How could this happen - 80 or more churches volunteering to help meet the urgent needs of 1,000 homeless people resulting from a wildfire burning thousands of acres in a 24 hour time period?


It happened because the 80+ churches were already networked in biblical unity together through CEN’s ReadyAustin – Austin Disaster Relief Network.  Praying, caring for survivors and sharing the Hope of Christ in real and tangible ways is not foreign to ADRN, they have been taking their biblical responsibility seriously for years. Why? Because they understand that the basis of any quick, eternally lasting response to any crisis is based upon their own spiritual maturity.


Many years of training, networking the body of Christ, and preparing with their supplies and volunteers who are biblically ready has positioned them to be ready to respond to this historic wildfire. All of this preparation allows the volunteers to give an answer for the Hope within them in word and deed during this event.


Spiritual preparation for uncertain times is vital. As the times become more challenging, God’s people unite and work together as in the days of Nehemiah to rebuild the city. In this case, Austin Christians are stepping forward to help their neighboring city recover and rebuild. It is not the water and supplies that will bring a lasting healing memory to the survivors, but the listening ear to hear the hurting stories of loss of life or loss of property – those precious family photos or heirlooms.


And, today, as though the wildfires south of Austin were not enough, Dallas is now facing brutal wildfires as well. We may not be in the path of the Texas wildfires but we can pray for the strength of Christian first responders and chaplains working long and hard for hours to have the strength to let the Light of Jesus shine! 

We may offer supplies or donations to Christian first responder agencies seasoned in assisting in meeting physical and emotional needs to be clear they are responding in the name of Jesus. 

We can share our stories with one another to inspire each other, which while the series of crisis this nation faces seems to be unrelenting and humbling, there is a God in heaven who cares for us and pleads with us to give us hope. Proverbs 26: 12 remind us: “Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.” God is the beginning of wisdom in these uncertain times.


Are you a ReadyCity – one filled with many who can truly say I am a ReadyChristian ?


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